Want. Have. Need.

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The best, most impressive marketers I’ve had the sheer joy of working with had a knack of knowing exactly what they want and a clear idea of what they need to get there. There’s something to be applauded in this style of operation as it quickly leads to momentum which turns to pace which turns to gigantic steps towards that goal. Fair to say - I’m a fan of this approach to life as much as marketing.

What’s the old adage? ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ - well that pretty much sums it up. The most successful marketers I’ve met never fall foul of this. 

Firstly, they all have clearly defined goals. They know, their team knows, the organisation knows and therefore, by extension, any creative production partner knows too. The clear benefit of this shared knowledge is that we all push and pull in the same direction. A combined effort of strength and dexterity is a wonderful dance to be involved in. Yes a few twists and turns, the odd misstep, but ultimately all singing from the same hymn sheet and dancing to the same beat.

Metaphor-overload aside. The benefits are clear and obvious - so no need to suck eggs.

Secondly, diligent marketers looking for an edge maintain complete oversight of all active communications. How the business is being represented on the website, through social media, via call-centre scripts all the way across the spectrum of comms - TV, Online, Out-of-home, radio, and on and on.

Why they invest effort here is to spot any disconnects between what they WANT to be known for and what they HAVE in the market currently communicating that.

Discerning between the two states provides insight into what is the third and most important of ingredients, what they NEED. The valuable compass on where results can be made. Incremental to all other efforts. Areas of focus that will nudge the needle.

This is what thrills. This is what gives renewed vigour. The ability to act with certainty commands commitment from all involved in the pursuit of success. And let’s be honest, that responsibility is shared across the business from Operations, Finance and Sales to achieve.

There is little more motivating than a clear direction set within a framework of knowledge and understanding shared by a collective. 

So there it is. Marketing leaders that define what they WANT to achieve, who evaluate this ambition with what they HAVE to achieve their goal, allows them to determine what it is they actually NEED to succeed.

This is the exact same framework that underpins the Producibility Viewfinder. Its purpose is to highlight disconnects between desired ‘marketing goals’ and current ‘marketing activity’. By mapping ‘What you want’ against ‘What you're doing’ reveals ‘What you need’.

If this sounds like a framework you’d like to explore - check out the Producibility Viewfinder and try the benchmarks for yourself. However, if you want to really get things moving, drop me a line on david@producible.com.au and let's chat today about making your video marketing work harder.