Producibility Viewfinder

What is the Producibility viewfinder?
The Producibility Viewfinder is our proprietary method of mapping your marketing goals against Producibility benchmarks. As a result, experienced marketers focus on where results are made by using a smart combination of balance, efficiency and producibility.

Why is it unique?
We use our decades of experience to benchmark content types by sector and by marketing mission to maximise impact. 

What is the benefit to you?
Better use of your budget with the correct balance of content types, efficiency in production through extendability and replicability, to deliver more for the same budget.

What is Producibility?
Content is no longer an imperfect science. We've cracked the winning formula.

The purpose of the Producibility Viewfinder is to highlight disconnects between desired ‘marketing goals’ and current ‘marketing activity’. By mapping ‘What you want’ against ‘What you're doing’ reveals ‘What you need’.

Confirm your marketing goals:

  1. Awareness

Your Producibility benchmark:

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The four types of content

We see the world of marketing communication in 4 quadrants. Depending on the nature of your business, your sector and your budget, we have used a vast sample of client content to benchmark the correct proportions of budget allocation across the quadrants.


Signature content is designed for broad appeal, highlighting your core benefit at a memorable point in the customer journey to maximise impact.


Signpost content directs customers to key elements like Sales, Products, and Prices with snappy, concise messages.


Sticky content engages customers authentically, keeping them connected to reinforce their perception of your brand.


Service content helps customers understand what you do and what you want them to know in a useful way.

how it works

The Producibility Viewfinder maps your marketing goals against Producibility benchmarks to focus on where results are made using balance, efficiency and producibility.


We audit your marketing communication assets to assess:

Balance of content types against benchmark
Efficiency gains through extendability and replicability
Producibility of concept

Being able to strike the correct balance of video means increased focus on where results are made by applying resources to only the areas that really nudge the needle.

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